A Licence

A Licence.

This is the licence for unrestricted riding,

You must take a CBT and pass the motorcycle theory test, Module 1 and Module 2 practical test conducted by the DVSA at a DVSA test centre.

This is taken on a larger bike of 600cc.Learn to ride this with Motorcycle Training in Surrey

Minimum age for a category A licence is 24, unless you have used the Staged Access route by taking your A2 licence.

If you have used the staged access route you can take you’re a licence test two years after you have passed your A2 licence. The A2 licence can be taken at age 19.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey will prepare you for your Module 1 test at our off road training area, completely set up as the DVSA test sites are, allowing you to be completely prepared for passing your Module 1 test.

Module 2 preparation is all about riding on the road safely, This part of the training is carried out on public highways, preparing you for your 40 minute Module two test with the DVSA.

Your course with Motorcycle Training in Surrey will be tailored to suit your needs with our “One to One” training.

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