A1 Licence

Motorcycle A1 Licence

Motorcycle Training in Surrey recommends that everyone should consider taking your test and once passed, discarding those ‘L’ plates. You will find you will get treated with so much more respect from other road users.

At age 17 or above, after completing your CBT training you can take your test on a motorcycle of up to 125cc , (power to weight ratio’s apply)

This will allow you to discard your “L” plates and carry passengers. It also means you will not have to re take a CBT after the two years that your CBT is valid for.

Before taking your test you must have completed CBT training, passed the Motorcycle Theory Test.

You will then take a practical test consisting of Module 1 and Module 2 conducted by the DVSA at a DVSA Test centre.

All test are conducted by the DVSA and not by Motorcycle Training in Surrey.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey will train you for both Module’s 1 and 2 with our One to One training sessions to a standard where you would expect to pass both module’s comfortably.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey uses our dedicated off-road facility for all Module 1 training. We cover Direct access training for Woking, Guilford, Lightwater, Bagshot, Camberley, Staines, Stanwell and Bisley areas.

Module 1 Staines                     Module 1 Bisley

Tony Edge National Centre                              Bisley Base
Hythe End Road                                                     196 Guilford Road
Heron Lake                                                                Bisley
Staines-upon-Thames                                         Surrey
TW19 6HW                                                              GU24 6HW

Our training centres have warm indoor facilities with toilets and refreshments available all year round.

One to One training works so much better for a direct access licence. Call or email us to book your A1 licence direct access course today..

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