A2 Licence

Motorcycle A2 Licence

The minimum age for an A2 License is 19.

Taking your A2 licence at age 19 gives you the opportunity to ride a larger bike ( A Licence) of you choice two years after passing your A2 test.  Although you must take another Module 1 & Module 2 test on a larger motorcycle before doing so.

To obtain your A2 licence you must pass both Module 1 and Module 2 on a motorcycle with power of 25 to 35 KW. This will give you the licence to ride a motorcycle of up to 35KW or 47bhp.

A motorcycle can be restricted to this power level, but not by more than half its original power.

For example: It would not be legal for you to buy a Yamaha R1 with 195 bhp and restrict it to 47 bhp.

47 BHP is enough power for the beginning of your motorcycle career

Direct Access to your A2 licence.

This requires you to take CBT training, motorcycle theory test, and the Module 1 and Module 2 practical riding tests. These will be taken at a DVSA test centre and conducted by the DVSA.

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Both our trainig centres have warm indoor facilities with toilets and refreshments available all year round.

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