Direct Access

Direct Access Course.

A Direct Access Course is your route to a full motorcycle licence. All our direct access motorcycle course are use unique “one to one” training.

That means, One instructor, One pupil, One pace, yours! All trainees are at different levels of riding skills. When learning, it needs to be focused on your pace and for your needs. Training with what you are comfortable with at the times that suit you, not just suited to the training school so that they maximise their profits. It is your hard earned cash that pays for your tuition.

Get tailored “One to One” Direct access training with us at Motorcycle Training in Surrey.

Motorcycle Licence Classes

There are three different types of licences dependant on your age.

A licence 24+ unless holding an A2 licenceDirect Access with Motorcycle Training in Surrey
A1 Licence 17+ up to 125cc
A2 Licence 19+ up to 47bhp

Before you can take any of the DVSA tests for the licences, you must first complete a Compulsory Basic Training test and take a motorcycle theory test.

Which you can take and train through Motorcycle Training in Surrey.

We have 2 dedicated DVLA approved training centres covering the Woking, Guilford, Lightwater, Bagshot, Camberley, Staines, Stanwell and Bisley areas at;
Direct Access Staines    

Tony Edge National Centre
Hythe End Road
Heron Lake
TW19 6HW                                             

Our training sites have warm indoor facilities with toilets and refreshments available all year round.

Our bespoke “one to one” motorcycle training service is designed around your ability with safety in mind. Our goal is to help you achieve your motorcycle licence and teach you ride safely.

To get on the road to freedom book your direct access course today.

your pace, your ability