Module 1

Module 1

After completing you CBT test and passing your Theory exam the Module 1 test is the next stage of your pathway to gaining your full motorcycle license.

Module 1: off-road manoeuvres

Module One takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, it includes various exercises carried out in a safe off-road DVSA Multi Purpose centre,

The exercises include;
Road observations,
Manual handling of the motorcycle,
A slow ride,
A U Turn,
Riding a slalom,
Riding a figure of eight,
Cornering and the emergency stop,
Corniering and hazard avoidance.

Once passed you are able to take a module two test.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey has an off-road training area that is set out the same as the DVSA test sites, with our “One to One “ training you will have dedicated training to your needs, for you to feel completely comfortable in your ability to pass the Module one test.

We have PDF downloads of the layout of the set up for the off-road test centers.

manoeuvring avoidance right Motorcycle Training in Surrey
manoeuvring avoidance left Motorcycle Training in Surrey
manoeuvring multi purpose Motorcycle Training in Surrey

Also a short video from the DVSA showing you the test.

You need to make 5 or fewer rider faults to pass Module 1 and you will automaticlly fail if you make one serious or dangerous fault. Should you fail you you will have to wait 3 working days before a retake.

It is our job at Motorcyle Training in Surrey to make sure you don’t with our “one to one” training program ensuring you take your Module 1 test when you are ready.

When you have successfully completed your Module 1 test we need to prepare you for your Module 2 test.

your pace, your ability