Module 2

Module 2 Test

Module 2: on-road riding

After passing you CBT test, Theory test and Module 1 test your examiner will accompany you on public highways for the part of your quest for your motorcycle license.

Module Two takes approximately 45 minutes, again you will need your driving licence, your CBT (DL196) certificate, your theory test pass and your module one pass certificate.

Module 2 includes;

Eyesight test
Safety questions
Road riding
Independent riding

The Eyesight Test

You will have to read a number plate on a parked vehicle from 20 meters, if you cant do this you fail and the test ends.

Safety Questions

You will be asked a series of questions by the DVSA examiner from a set list, Motorcycle Training in Surrey will prepare you for these.

Road Riding

This takes place on  public highways with the examiner who will direct you via a radio, following you on a motorcycle. Yo will ba asked to carry out the following manoeuvres, normal stops, a hill start and an angled start. These will take place in a variety of road and traffic conditions.

Independent Riding

You will have 10 minutes of independent riding to access your decision-making ability and your ability to ride safely.

Type of Faults

A dangerous fault – actual danger to you, the examiner, a member of the public or property.
A serious fault – could be potentially dangerous
A rider fault – not potentially dangerous, but the safe fault through the test could become a serious fault.

To pass Module 2 you need to make 10 or fewer rider faults, 1 serious or dangerous fault will result in a fail. In the event of failure you must wait 10 days to take the test again.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey will train you on a ‘One to One” basis to pass your module two test, this is carried out on public highways the same as the DVSA test, “One to One” training at your pace to your needs.

The Briefing

Safety Questions

On-Road Briefing

On-Road Riding

Module 2 Results

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