Your Test

Motorcycle Practical Test.

In addition to your valid driving licence you will need a valid Motorcycle theory test and a valid CBT certificate (DL196) before you can take your practical motorcycle test.

The practical motorcycle test is in two parts,
Off-road module –Module 1
On-road module – Module 2

To obtain your motorcycle licence you will need to complete and pass both modules in order.

To take both tests certain criteria apply;
You must bring your CBT certificate, your theory test pass and both parts of your driving licence.

You must have a suitable motorcycle, which MotorcycleTraining in Surrey provides as part of your training.

There are clothing requirements you must comply with or you will be turned away. The helmet and gloves Motorcycle Training in Surrey will provide for you, as part of your course, if you wish. You may use your own if you prefer. You must wear sturdy footwear that supports and protects your ankle. Textile, leather or heavy denim trousers and textile leather or a heavy denim jacket with clothing underneath.

If you do not meet these requirements the DVSA examiner will cancel your test and your fees will be forfeited.

Motorcycle Training in Surrey work with you on a “one to one” basis to make sure you are confident and well drilled in the art of motorcycling to pass your practical motorcycle driving test.

Call us now to get your motorcying of to a safe and confident start.

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